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Dr Kevin Alexander

The story you’re about to hear is true and can be backed up with factual data and affidavit testimonials from the thousands of people who have been fortunate enough to discover and enrol in this remarkable hair regrowth program.

In 1993, a qualified medical doctor from Johannesburg, SouthAfrica, Dr Kevin Alexander, was invited to take over the management of a group of hair loss patients from a local alopecia clinic. He was very unimpressed with the available medical treatments at the time and the results that the patients were achieving, particularly with the conditions of male pattern baldness, female pattern baldness or alopecia androgenetica.

Dr Alexander then began an intense program of research into making new compounded medicines which could be used alone or in combination with existing prescription hair regrowth medicines which he had improved radically.

Due to the excellent results that Dr Alexander started achieving, word spread quickly and large numbers of patients began booking to see Dr Alexander at his clinic in Johannesburg. This regular influx of patients put Dr Alexander into an unprecedented position. Patients would return every three months for photographic re-check so Dr Alexander was able to conduct clinical trials using his own unique and safe combination of compounded prescription formulations. Over many years, Dr Alexander was able to improve and streamline his treatment and the results that he was achieving in terms of reversing baldness and sustaining the reversal got better and better.

What was even more remarkable was that in most cases it only took three months to start seeing excellent regrowth results. Balding stopped in virtually every patient on the program and 95% of patients experienced regrowth. In 25% of cases, the regrowth was phenomenal! Dr Alexander had learned how to combine the drugs in the most optimum way, the doses to use and how to deal with the rare cases of side effects. Most importantly, he had learned how to overcome drug resistance and ensure long-term sustainability of hair regrowth in excess of twenty years!

This was a world first!

Dr Alexander’s results with sustainable medical hair regrowth treatment were unmatched and had surpassed anything that was available inEurope or North America.

Ex-pat patients of Dr Alexander who had emigrated to first world countries in Europe, North America and Australasia, after having researched what was available in their newly adopted countries, would pay high courier fees to have their medicines shipped to them overseas from South Africa.

Presently, due to the huge demand for Dr Alexander’s treatment and Dr Alexander’s limited time, new patients are seen in group seminar sessions and he limits himself to seeing a hundred new patients a month. Bookings for the clinic are made many months in advance.

People from overseas who cannot travel to South Africa are consulted online via Skype and their hair regrowth medicines are sent globally via courier.

Dr Alexander’s remarkable program of sustainable medical hair regrowth is now available online to people in the UK and Europe. NorthAmerica and Asia will follow shortly.

Please browse this website and see the proof for yourself that balding in men and women can not only be reversed but sustained for up to twenty years or more!

Whether to go bald or not is now a choice!